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· City : Kailan Fortress
· Weapons: Sword, Blade, Marble
· Gate Master : Rei

The Guanyin are a tranquil faction, believing in harmony and balance.
This has often caused foes to underestimate them, assuming that they are weak.
However, there is nothing weak in these warriors, and they demonstrate that balance is a strength!

How Stats Affect Performance

+ Attack Success Rate (1.71)
Strength + Damage       Sword: 2.65
+ Damage       Sword: 2.80
+ Damage       Sword: 2.51
Dexterity + Defense (1.63)
+ Chance to Dodge (1.67)
Vitality + Health (20.0)
Chance to Dodge (0.90)
Chi + Character Chi (15.31)
+ Damage       Sword: 1.43
+ Damage       Blade: 1.51
+ Damage       Marble: 1.35

guanyin weapon types

· Sword
• Trainer: Swordmaster Lupai
• While the Sword does not gain as high of a damage bonus from Stats,
    the weapon-specific buff for the Sword makes up for that deficiency.
• Type: Melee
· Blade
• Trainer: Bladkeeper Ro
• The blade gains the most damage benefit from Stats.
• Type: Melee
· Marble
• Trainer: Master Brus Li
• Marbles gain the least amount of damage bonus from
    Stats. However, their range easily compensates.
• Type: Ranged