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game play

Game Feature game play

leveling up

As your character gains Experience, you will also gain levels. Each level grants 5 Stat Points.
Stat Points will affect each Faction differently (be sure to check out the Factions page for further details).

The Character Stats Screen will automatically open when your character gains a new level.
You can choose to distribute all Stat Points into one Stat with the +5 button, or distrubute them individually.
Stat increases affect the following:

character stats line line

Physical and Skill Damage
Attack Success Rate

Chance to Dodget

Character Health
Chance to Dodge

Physical and Skill Damage

Skill point / Using Skills

Once a skill is learned, it can be assigned to the Shortcut Bar. Players can choose the default hotkeys 1-10 or switch to F1-F10.
There are 3 Bars, toggled with "X" (forward) and "Z" (backward).

• Press "S" to open the character Skill window
• Click and Drag the skill to the Shortcut Bar
• Press the corresponding hotkey to use/activate
• Note: Pills/Tablets can also be assigned to the Shortcut Bar.

Skill Points are gained with levels, and can be applied towards skills.
At low levels, skills are learned through Weapon Trainers in the Faction home towns
(see Factions for more information on the different weapon types).
Weapon Trainers are located near the Faction Elder.

Swordmaster Lupai
Bladekeeper Ro
Master Brus Li

Katana Tutor Beitan
Twinblade Phong
Songsmith Seiren

Spearmaster Raji
Bladelord Quon
Scepter Adept Nao


leveling Skills

- Once you have learned a skill,
skill points can be applied directly to the
skill's level without needing a Weapon Trainer.

- Skills must be re-assigned
to the Shortcut Bar once their level is altered.

leveling skills down button

Press the + to increase a skill's level.

Leveling down a skill (down button)
can help preserve
Chi when hunting monsters.



Travel between zones is commonly accomplished through use of Portals.
These glowing transitions mark the entryways to the next area.
However, this means that getting there is a bit of a walk.

gate masters
gate masters

Gate Masters provide instantaneous travel.
While this method is not free (costing a small amount of Silver),
it is reliable and efficient.
Travel through the Gate Masters is available the following locations:

First four Faction Maps
Saigo Temple
Two Master Maps

scrolls and skills
scrolls and skills

All Factions can learn a skill that increases speed.
While the name varies, the symbol is the same for all Factions.
This greatly increases movement speed, though it consumes Chi.
Various scrolls also aid travel.
Return Scrolls provide a quick return to the character's Faction city,
and various Teleport scrolls move you to specific zones and
even to your friends within a zone.

master - apprentice request
apprentice request

Initiating the M-A System is simple. Once a player reaches Master level,
they can Shift+Click on a player level 112 or below and select "M-A Req."
Benefits: •Master - Merit points will be awarded to the Master according to the Experience the Apprentice gains.
They will also gain Experience from the Apprentice's kills.(must be in range)
•Apprentice - 1.5x Exp when killing monsters