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Players New to TwelveSky2 WSP:
Q: What is TwelveSky2 WSP?
A: TwelveSky2 WSP is a fast-paced Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)
    that combines competitive Faction vs Faction game play with Player vs Environment (PvE) game play.
Q: Is this game free?
A: Yes! All of the games that we offers are Free to Download and Free to Play!
Q: What are the System Requirements?
A: You can find the System Requirements for TwelveSky2 WSP here
Q: Where can I download TwelveSky2 WSP?
A: Please visit the TwelveSky2 WSP download site
Q: Where can new players get more information on how to play?
A: Game Guide and Forums
General Questions
Gameplay Questions:
Q: How many Characters can I create on one Account?
A: You are able to create 3 Characters.
Q: How many Factions are there, and how many weapons?
A: There are three starting Factions, with an additional fourth available to join later in the game.
    Each starting faction has three weapons.
Q: How do I restore my Health and Chi?
A: The Herbalist sells Health and Chi Pills/Tablets, which can also be found as monster drops.
Q: How do I make money?
A: In game currency can be dropped from monsters, contained in an item called a Fortune Pouch,
    or gained through sale of items found (either to NPCs or other players).
Q: How many people can join a Party?
A: 5 people are able to be in one Party together.
Q: How do Parties work?
A: Party members receive a bonus to exp per monster killed that ranges from 20% to 50%
    depending on the number of party members.
    Monster drops are now shared among the party as well, with any party member able to pick up
    items dropped.