TwelveSky2 WSP

getting started

Game Feature getting started


Welcome to TwelveSky2 WSP!
You can begin by downloading the game here: TwelveSky2 WSP Download Page

logging in

- Logging In -
Once you have downloaded and installed the game,
you are ready to begin playing!

Your 12sky2 WSP account is required for login.
You can register a free account at TwelveSky2 WSP.

Remember, accounts and passwords are case sensitive!

Character Creation

There are several choices to make during character creation.
You can customize your character's appearance,
but you must also choose a Faction.

Each faction has different strengths and weaknesses,
as well as different weapons.
However, each faction has three types of weapons.
While you select a weapon at this screen,
you may also purchase and use a different weapon type once in game.

1. Offense - Greater attack power, but lower defense.
2. Defense - Greater defense, but lower attack power.
3. Ranged - Skills can be used at range.

character creation

User Interface

User Interface

1. Player Status Window: Shows current Health, Chi, and Experience percent.

2. Zone Mini-Map: The mini-map shows current location, as well as NPC, quests, monsters, and party members. The map can be hidden with the arrow button, and zoomed in/out with the +/- keys.

3. System Messages: System messages will appear in this window. This includes Battle Grounds information, PvP and PvE damage/defense, as well as Guild system messages

4. Player Chat: Chat from other players will appear in this window.

5. Mini Menu: The Mini Menu offers quick shortcuts to often-used windows, such as Character Stats, Inventory, Guild Info, etc.

6. Shortcut Bar: Skills, Pills/Tablets, and Emotes can be assigned to this bar, enabling the associated hotkey.

7. Quick Menu: Game Help can be opened with the ? button. There are also Faction-related windows available through this menu, as well as the Item Mall.

8. Party Information: Shows Party member levels, names, and HP/Chi status.

9. Pet Status Window: Shows Pet's Activity and Exp growth.