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PvP combat

Game Feature PvP combat


Level Bracket PvP -
In TwelveSky2 WSP, PvP Battle Grounds are split among different level brackets.
When a character is eligible for a specific level bracket,
a notification message will appear in the System Messages window.
This notification will occur every minute for the 10 minutes prior to the Zone opening.

• Once the Zone opens, you have 3 minutes to travel to the Battle Zone.
• Travel to Battle Grounds takes place through the Guard Captain NPC.
After 3 minutes elapse, no more travel into the zone is allowed.
• Once the Zone closes, players are granted 1 minute to prepare before the Battle begins.
• There are three different types of Battles:
   • Annihilation: All other Faction members must DIE
   • Holy Stone Destruction: The other 2 Faction Holy Stones must be destroyed.
   • Zone Capture: Faction must hold a formation for a set time period.

Zone Name Level Range Battle Goal
Bui Di Grounds level 10-19 Annihilation
Destati Grounds Level 20-29 Holy Stone Destruction
Saotsi Grounds Level 30-39 Zone Capture
Xing Dio Grounds Level 40-49 Annihilation
Finasy Grounds Level 50-59 Holy Stone Destruction
Ye Kan Grounds Level 60-69 Zone Capture
Lena Tsou Grounds Level 70-79 Annihilation
Haibo Grounds Level 80-89 Holy Stone Destruction
Tulang Grounds Level 90-99 Zone Capture

duel system

The Duel system allows players of the same faction to battle one another. Because dueling is a friendly contest,
the defeated character does not respawn at their nearest spawn location, but rather they respawn where they fell.

duel system

Shift+Click another character.
• Select "Duel" from the character menu.
• Players must agree on the terms of the duel:
  Pills and Tablets allowed or prohibited.
• Once begun, the character names of the participants will change.
• Last one standing wins the battle!

holy stone battle

Capturing Faction Stones -
Each Faction has a Faction Stone in their maps. This stone grants benefits to other Factions if captured,
so it must be protected during invasion!

• Capturing and retrieving Faction Stones is allowed every day from 8PM to 9PM.
• No standard or mission battles will be held during this time.
• Capturing a Faction Stone grants benefits:
• 1 Faction Stone increases 10% Damage, if it is from another Faction.
• 1 Faction Stone increases 10% Faction’s Treasury accumulation.
• Punishment for loss of Faction Stone
• Master Level and above players lose 10% Damage to Monsters

holy stone battle

Guardian Shield
Guardian Shields defend Faction Zones from invasion.
Invading Factions must destroy "all Guardians in the Shield in order to move into the next zone."