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Faction Leader
It is always a time of war,
and so each Faction elects a Leader among themselves to stand against the merciless onslaught of enemies.
Warriors vote for those they feel best able to lead, and in the end, only one stands as Leader.
Each Faction Leader serves a term of 30 days.

Duties and Responsibilities

Faction Notice: Grants the ability to send a notice to all Faction members across all maps.
      This aids in coordination of Faction activities.
Appointing Vice Faction Leaders: A Faction Leader can appoint up to 12 Vice Faction Leaders.
      Candidates for VFL must be M1+ and have over 1,000 CP.
Faction Treasury: The Faction Leader can withdraw Silver if there are more than 3 Vice Faction Leaders appointed.
Faction Catapult: Can be purchased at the Elder and placed in maps prior to Yanggok Valley,
      with a maximum of 5 per map. VFLs can also purchase Faction Catapults.

faction leader voting

Faction Leader Voting

Day 1 to 5: Candidate Regsitration
   • Must be M1 or above
   • Must have over 1,000 CP
Day 6 to 10: Voting Period
   • Voters must be M1 or above
Day 11: Tallying Votes
   • Vote Points: 1 to 33
   • M1 = 1 Points
   • M33 = 33 Points
Day 11: Faction Leader Announced
   •Occurs at 9pm
   •All prior FLs and VFLs will have status removed

Faction Alliances

Faction Leaders of two factions may come to terms of peace if a third faction's strength becomes too overwhelming.
Faction Alliances present many benefits to weaker factions.

faction Alliances

Alliance Requirements

• Faction Points must be over 100
• The Strongest Faction cannot enter an Alliance
   Peace Negotiations (Alliance Creation)
• Faction Leaders must meet in Saigo Temple
• Alliance begins 60 seconds after two Faction
   Leaders stand at the Alliance Altar.
   (Alliance is ended the same way and no further Alliance
   allowed for the two factions within 2 weeks afterward)

Alliance Effects

• Faction Points are summed together
• Party and Chat are allowed between Allied Factions
• PvP is not allowed between Allied Factions (except by Duel)
• Alliance Stone generated in each Faction's home city
• Shared benefits of captured Faction Stones