TwelveSky2 WSP


Game Feature items

Item Acquisition

There are two basic methods of acquiring items. The first is through NPCs.
Players can use Silver (the TwelveSky2 WSP in-game currency) to purchase basic equipment
from shopkeepers in their Faction's home town.
Second is from hunting and killing monsters to gain a wider variety and rarities of goods.

Other Methods
While players will most likely encounter the two above methods first,
they can also attain items through trading with other players, or purchasing from another player's personal store.

Item Rarities
Common : Denoted with white text, lowest quality (items purchased at NPCs are typically Common).
Unique : Denoted with orange text, moderate quality.
Rare : Denoted with yellow text, high quality.
Elite : Denoted with purple text, highest quality.

Item Improvements

Enchanting Items
Equipment can be enchanted to offer a higher bonus to the character.
Success leads to a % increase based on the material, but failure can lead to a 3% loss or even item destruction.

NPC: Blacksmith
Maximum Enchant: 120%
Enchanting Materials:
3% - Tin
6% - Dark Steel
9% - Black Steel
12% - Steel of Eternity

Equipment Increase
Weapon Damage
Armor Defence
Gloves Chance to Hit
Boots Dodge
Cape Defense
Ring Deadly
Amulet                                Luck (15%-Gold of Eternity)
Phase Combine Cost Success Rate
CS 01 1.0 Million 65%
CS 02 1.5 Million 60%
CS 03 2.0 Million 55%
CS 04 2.5 Million 50%
CS 05 3.0 Million 45%
CS 06 3.5 Million 40%
CS 07 4.0 Million 35%
CS 08 4.5 Million 30%
CS 09 5.0 Million 25%
CS 10 5.5 Million 20%
CS 11 6.0 Million 15%
CS 12 6.5 Million 10%

Item Combination

Another method of item improvement is combining items. Items that have the rarity Rare or Elite can be combined with other items of the same type and rarity (Elite items can also combine with Rare items one step lower).
NPC: Blacksmith

* NOTE *
"The equipment being combined into the target item cannot have an enchantment percent or combine stage."

Combining Equipment Increases the Following:
Weapons: Damage and Chance to hit
Armor: Defense and Dodge
Gloves: Defense and Chance to hit
Boots: Defense and Dodge
Rings: Elemental Damage
Necklaces: Elemental Defense
Capes: Defense

item Crafting

Crafting consists of using multiple lower quality items to create an item of higher quality.
Currently players have the option to combine a few different materials.

Blacksmith - Enchanting Materials and Jades
Elder - Archives

Red Jade
Purple Jade x2

Random Ench. Material
Tin x4

Heaven's Repulsion
Gold Archive
Wood Archive
Lightning Archive
Fire Archive

Heaven's Flow
Damnation Archive
Phantom Archive
Soul Archive
Star Archive

Item Upgrade / Downgrade

TwelveSky2 WSP has the option to increase or decrease an item's level. This is handy if you have spent time, silver, and effort improving your equipment, or if you find a piece of equipment several levels too high for your character.

NPC: Beggar

Requires Purple or Red Jade
•Item must be Rare (yellow item name) or Elite (purple item name) Cost to change the level increases with the item's level
•To upgrade an item, it must have at least 12% Enchant and at least 1 Combine Stage.
•Successful upgrades will remove half of the CS. Purple Jades will also remove up to 33% of the current Enchant.