TwelveSky2 WSP

level 1~45

beginner's guidelevel 1~45

level 1 ~ 20level 1~20level 20 ~ 45

Characters level 1 ~20 each of the faction's characters have their own region to hunt for the monster.
You can learn skill for each origin faction valley.

monster level

level 1~20

You can learn the weapon's skill without any certain class However, You could only use this skill by applying the correspond weapon.

(Ex.: Double Blades Applied weapon Katana The skill can't use)

level 1 ~ 20level 21~45level 21 ~ 45

If the level reach 20 up you can go to this valley (Gocheon Island, Yinjou Falls, Daoba Forest) to hunt the monster.

monster level

level 21~45

tip. Gate master NPC, click the 'MOVE' button, you can automatically move to the area.

dark daecheon

The strength and attack power of the Field Champion monsters are higher than the normal monster but normal monters are more likely to gain useful 'Supportive' items and 'Random' items during the early hunting success.

Tip. With Pet and Mount, the attack, defense & strength rate increase, so hunting the straightforward monsters is possible
(Since all beginners reward item has been paid to all offensive weapons like Cabochon Relic pet items that can enhance the defense)

deonjeon map

Each field has Deoncheon such as (Maze of diomas, Furatou cave, Unso mountain), it might be a good idea toenter Deoncheonfrequently to level up fast. However, all monsters in Deoncheon will attack first, so be alert all the time!


When the 45 level rising up the beginner's reward will pop up in the middle of the screen. In case of not acquiring the reward's items just click Beginner's Reward icon at the bottom of the window to use


The enchanted rare items in the beginner's reward can be use by hunting.

Tip. Level 45 Beginner's reward items: 30% enchanted rare item